Dave has been working professionally as a writer in Los Angeles for the last 4 years. He wrote numerous sketches for Comedy Central's digital department, worked on The Onion's digital series "The Owner's Box." He has spent the last year as Senior Producer & Head Writer for the Video Department at Movie Pilot Inc.  & Webedia (now "Super News"), as well as the combat sports-driven vertical "Champions.co" where he has written and directed digital videos that have amassed 6+ Million views over their social media platforms. Most recently he was the director & writer for the sketch-comedy mini-series with former UFC world champion Bas Rutten called "The Bas Rutten Experiement" surpassing  5 Million total views (can be seen below).


My Digital Directing Reel

The Bas Rutten Experiment 1.3 millions views via Facebook (Writer/Director)

Male Romper Short - 300K Views (Writer/Director)

Good Cop Good (er) Cop - 300k Views (Writer/Director) 

Granny PottyMouth takes on UFC (Writer/Director)