First things first, who the hell are YOU?!?

Secondly, I don't like talking in the third person and refuse to succumb to it... 

Dave Rispoli is a rising comedian, actor and writer whose real dream is to one day become a successful waiter. He grew up in Orlando, Florida, where people either go to die, vacation or study Improv comedy with Wayne Brady... David chose the latter, but is still open to the other possibilities. He then decided he needed to experience what a "winter depression" was so he spent the next 6 years in sweet home Chicago. There he received his BFA in acting from the Theatre School at DePaul University with such notable graduates as John C. Reily, Joe Mantegna and some guy named Pete, who technically didn't graduate because SOMEBODY ratted him out for selling opium out of his dorm, Dave doesn't find him very notable... but did feel it was necessary to rat him out. 

After studying Improv at both IO Chicago and The Second City I performed, I mean HE performed in a weekly sketch show called THE COOL TABLE writing new material each week for 5 years. They later went on to win the 2007 Proctor and Gamble NYTVF comedy search, tour the country and even play Lollapalooza!  

Dave then decided he had way too much money, so he moved to New York City! Performing stand-up at historical clubs like Gotham, Carolines, the Comedy Cellar and Comix. He soon realized he was too pretty for the subways and sold his soul to come out to Hollywood... and by "Hollywood" he meant "Sherman Oaks!".

Dave is currently the Head Writer for the video department at under Creators Media, formally Movie Pilot Network. He has worked on numerous features, shorts, national commercials and music videos as well as blah blah blah you probably stopped reading and really at this point you should just look at my resume. Kisses! 

He has been a proud member of SAG-AFTRA ( I have to say that, right?)